independent validator. perfect by birth. @how_to_node creator.


Daniil Romanov, also known as @cyberomanov.

my primary goal is to teach anyone how to set up and maintain their own node.

as such, I launched my personal node-running blog, in early 2021, to share my knowledge and experience with the wider community.

@how_to_node - is a healthy and evolving community of validators of all ages and skill levels, counting around 12k participants, and I'm proud to have played a role in its growth and success.

I have an impressive portfolio of around 15 mainnets and several active testnets, along with some delegations sponsored by foundations and even a grant.

besides everything else, my hobbie is to develop monitoring systems, scripts and automatisations for projects that catch my attention.

moreover, you can delegate your assets to me, so that we could earn passive income together. list of supported networks can be found below.

by choosing me as a validator, you support and contribute to the decentralization and security of the network.

wish me luck != to get slashed.